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How to spend quality time with your family as a busy mom

Doing ordinary daily activities with your family is not automatically quality time spent. To create quality time with your children, you need meaningful interactions for you and your children. Things like fun family dinners, bedtime stories or fun games you can think of are crucial for building a quality relationship with your children.
If you feel like you are spending most of your time at your job or doing chores at home, then you are probably interested in the opportunities to create quality time with your family and implement it into your daily life.
We have made a list of things you could look out for when spending time with your children.

1. Pay attention

You need to let your children know how much you care about them. To do this, you need to listen to everything they have to say. When you are spending time together, try to be present instead of thinking about your job, looking away or your phone. Taking your mind off those things for 5 minutes can help both you and your relationship with your children.


2. Be authentic

Do you feel bad when you see those Facebook posts of moms taking their children to interesting vacations, treating them dinner at restaurants, or taking up fun hobbies? Don’t try to compare yourself to other people, instead focus on how you can effectively use your time and budget. Children can enjoy all kinds of activities if they are fun and simple, they do not have to expensive.

3. Find out about your children’s interests

Discover what your kid is interested in doing so that you can be a part of it. You may both enjoy the same things, like playing video games or listening to music. Be open-minded to try out new things together that you may find fun.
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4. Show your appreciation

Give your children positive reinforcement and praise. Praise them when they get better grades, thank them when they obedient and calm, congratulate them when they help you with home chores. Showing this kind of appreciation will make your kids feel loved and important.

5. Your children’s needs will change

Keep in mind that your children’s interests and needs will certainly change over time. As they are growing, they will gain interest in other things, they will expect independence, but if you have kept a good relationship with them throughout the years, they will still enjoy doing things with their parents.

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6. Always be ready

Understand that quality time does not have to be forced and can happen anywhere at any time. You will be finding great opportunities as long as you have the time to interact with your children.

7. Eat family dinner together

Food makes people satisfied and happy. Sharing these moments with your children may help you grow your relationship. So make sure you eat together as often as possible. Whether it’s on the dining table, fast food joint or in front of the TV it doesn’t matter as long as you are together.

These are what we think one of the more important things you can do for your child. So make sure to keep these things in mind and keep growing the love between you and your family.

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