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Renewable Sources to Reduce Pollution

In the last decades, we have been surrounded by studies and researches that prove to us again and again, that we are constantly harming our environment and that the consequences of our actions can be horrific. In the following text, we are going to focus on renewable sources of energy and tell you how we can reduce pollution by using them.

If we want to slow down climate changes and protect our planet, we have to change our everyday habits and also switch from fossil fuel to renewable sources. When we say that we are damaging the environment, we are not only talking about flora and fauna, but also our health. If you are interested in the negative effects that it has on the former ones, do your online research to learn more, because we are going to talk about our health and how can we preserve it.

Source: Science in the News (Harvard University)

When we say the word ‘pollution’, we are talking about poisonous substances that are in the air we breathe. How did they get there? Well, we, humans, produced them. In order to manufacture electricity and energy, we have built power plants and facilities that burn fossil fuels such as coal, natural gases, and petroleum. When the production process takes place, carbon and other dangerous particles which are the main elements found in these fuels, are released into the air.

So how can we solve this problem? Well, by using renewable sources of energy such as sunlight, rain, water, wind, and so on. The first benefit is that they don’t have to be burned, for example, we can use solar panels to create energy. Since there is no carbon dioxide waste, there will not be air pollution. Wind turbines do the same thing by using the power of the wind, hydroelectric power plants use water, geothermal facilities utilize the natural heat from the earth, etc.

Another benefit is that we cannot run out of renewable sources of energy. There will always be sun and wind, and the best thing is that they are not restricted to one area or continent. Many studies have been conducted, and they have shown that we could produce enough energy and electricity by using these sources. Unfortunately, only a small portion of today’s electricity comes from these sources, and this is something that has to be changed in the future.

Source: Tokyo – Weiner Elementary

Furthermore, since we are polluting the air and water, we are actually harming ourselves, even if we try to ignore this fact. More and more people are suffering from respiratory conditions that are caused by the poor quality of air. The process of creating wind and solar energy does not have any negative impacts on the environment. What’s more, they don’t require water to operate, which means that there also would not be water pollution. This way, we would protect our health and at the same time, save money that is otherwise spent on treat these ailments.

To conclude this article, we have to mention economic benefits. Unlike fossil fuel facilities that are mechanized, these new power plants require human interaction, e.g., solar panels have to be installed and regularly maintained, and this just means that there would be more job opportunities for people of almost every profession. In addition, the energy that is produced this way is more affordable since these facilities operate at a very low cost.

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